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Family Planning services offered in the greater Decatur and Chamblee, GA area

If you’re sexually active but don’t want to have children, family planning can help reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. At Top Doc OB/GYN, board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist Robert Dourron, MD, provides family planning services to individuals 12 and older. To make an appointment, call the office in Decatur or Chamblee, Georgia, or click the online booking feature today.

Family Planning Q&A

What is family planning?

Family planning helps sexually active individuals decide if and when they want to have children. Specifically, it provides counseling, education, and contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies and encourage optimal sexual health. 

If you’re thinking about starting a family or are worried about getting pregnant, schedule a family planning appointment at Top Doc OB/GYN. Following a review of your medical records and discussing your lifestyle and goals, your provider can make recommendations that align with your needs. 

What does family planning involve?

At Top Doc OB/GYN, family planning focuses on three areas:


Counseling presents an opportunity to build a relationship with your OB/GYN. You can ask questions about your anatomy and physiology, bring up concerns about unusual symptoms, or learn about the benefits of STD testing.


Education provides important insights about good sexual health, including using protection, reducing the risk of STDs, and avoiding unsafe situations. If you want to start a family, your OB/GYN can educate you on the importance of prenatal vitamins and how to increase your chances of getting pregnant.


Contraception reduces your risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Top Doc OB/GYN offers several types of birth control, including oral contraceptives, injections, and intrauterine devices. They also offer permanent forms of birth control, like tubal sterilization.

What happens at a family planning appointment?

Top Doc OB/GYN tailors each family planning appointment to your lifestyle and needs. 

At the beginning of the appointment, your provider asks about your goals, including if you’re trying to start a family or prevent a pregnancy. If you’re trying to prevent pregnancy, they also ask about what level of pregnancy risk you’re comfortable with and if you want to reduce the risk of STDs too.

Once your provider gathers the necessary information, they develop a custom treatment plan that aligns with your budget and needs. 

Can family planning help me prepare for pregnancy?

Yes. If you and your partner want to get pregnant, schedule a family planning appointment at Top Doc OB/GYN. Following a discussion of your lifestyle and goals, your OB/GYN can recommend when to stop birth control, which prenatal vitamins to take, and how often to come in for checkups. 

To explore the benefits of family planning, make an appointment at Top Doc OB/GYN by calling the nearest office or clicking the online booking feature today.